Torrevieja presents its Hogueras


Everything is ready for the celebration when the El Acequión and El Calvario neighbourhoods will burn their satirical sculptures

Every year the start of summer is marked by the traditional Hogueras fiestas, which start today with the setting up of sculptures in the street. This year there will only be two, as La Punta neighbourhood was not able to organise its own. Nevertheless, the representatives from El Acequión and El Calvario have presented their programmes of events and Hogueras that will be burned in honour of San Juan.

Both neighbourhoods have chosen the sea as their central theme. The one from El Acequión is dedicated especially to women fishworkers and involved the collaboration of schoolchildren, parents and teachers from the local primary school to make it. The one from El Calvario is called ‘Splendour on the sea’, measures 11 metres high and is once again the work of the young teacher Alfredo Guillén, who defined it is a traditional Hoguera composed of 18 characters (ninots), according to tradition one of which will be pardoned from the fire.

Both fiesta programmes have a wide range of activities for all ages including discos, raffles with chocolate prizes and much more. There are four days over which to enjoy one of the most traditional fiestas of the Alicante coast.

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