Beware the gas inspectors

The Torrevieja Municipal Consumer Information Office (OMIC) is offering advice on how to avoid being conned when visited by gas installers who go door to door making checks

The OMIC reminded that checks are required for gas installations every five years but must be made by companies that are authorised by the Regional Government Industry Department. It is important to check that the company at your home complies with this by telephoning 012, which is free.

Users are also advised that they are not obliged to agree to the service and before doing anything to check the prices and compare them with other companies. Once the work is done, demand a detailed receipt (factura), checking that the prices charged coincide with on the quote, and keep it, as it may be necessary in case one has to present a complaint.

They must also hand over a Certificate of the inspection, one copy of which is for you, one for the company that made the check, and the other for the supply company.

Lastly, if there is any problem during the process, ask the representative for a complaint form (hoja de reclamaciones) and in case of doubt call the OMIC on 96 692 6348, extension 115.

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