Birds nests are in danger at the lakes of La Mata and Torrevieja Natural Park, reports Compromís

Compromís Lagunas

The Valencian coalition party warns that the pumping of water from one lake to the other is expressly prohibited from April to June to preserve the birds while they are nesting

Regional Parliament Deputy Mireia Mollà explained that the pumping was still underway on Tuesday by the company that exploits the salt lakes.

“It is a serious threat to this natural park, especially as it is inside a Special Bird Protection Zone (ZEPA) according to a European Union directive,” she said.

She demanded an immediate clarification from the regional government, as in any case it is the Environment Department that is able to authorise transfers of water during this period and so we want it to explain if it has given the required authorisation’.

“If the Environment Department permitted the pumping, we want it to clear up why it has consented to this attack on endangered species of birds and, if authorisation was not given, we call on it to immediately investigate these events that attack this area of special ecological value,” concluded the Compromís party deputy.

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