Five ‘Q’ for Quality flags will fly from Orihuela beaches

Banderas Q

Antonia Moreno and Rosa Martínez travelled to Madrid on Tuesday to collect the distinctions from the Ministry of Industry and Tourism

The councillors for Infrastructure and Tourism, Antonia Moreno and Rosa Martínez, collected the five flags with the ‘Q’ emblem for Touristic Quality that were awarded by the Institute for Touristic Quality, a private certification body created in the year 2000 in order to develop quality in the tourism sector. Orihuela also achieved more Blue Flags than any other municipality in the Valencian Community.

The beaches that have received this recognition this year are Cala Capitán, Punta Prima, Mil Palmeras, Cala Estaca and La Glea. They complied with standards set by Spanish Quality Control Regulations, which include requirements not only for facilities but also cover cleanliness, safety, lifesaving, information etc. that each beach has to meet in order to participate in the Public Use of Beaches Management System. The Institute for Touristic Quality includes participation from the Secretary of State for Tourism, the Autonomous Communities (regional governments) and the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces.

Municipal spokeswoman Antonia Moreno described this recognition as ‘fruit of the effort of many councils over many years, but it is a very significant fact that we have to highlight and give the relevance that it deserves as it is one of the axes on which the tourism promotion of the city has to be based’.

“Amongst other things, these awards are a guarantee for tourists that they are making the right choice of destination,” added the Tourism councillor.

Playas Qualitur

On Wednesday, Rosa Martínez will also collect another 7 Qualitur flags in Teulada, which are awarded by the Valencia Tourism Department as a prize to those beaches that are certified to meet International Standardisation Organisation regulations ISO 9001 and 14001 for complying with the necessary requisites to assure the quality of their services and environmental management. These flags are in addition to the 7 Blue Flags handed over last week to Orihuela’s beaches by the Environmental Education and Consumer Association (ADEAC) and the World Trade Organisation.

The 19 flags accumulated by the Orihuela coastline will fly from June 21st at each of the beaches recognised with the various distinctions.





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