I didn’t finish secondary school, what options do I have?


The Torrevieja Town Hall Youth Department (CIAJ) is organising a talk intended to resolve doubts about the future of young people who have not obtained the Spanish secondary school qualification (ESO)

‘No tengo la ESO… ¿Qué opciones tengo?’ (I didn’t finish secondary school, what options do I have?); the answer to this question that many young people ask will be given at this talk organised by the CIAJ for Thursday the 13th of June at 6pm.

The activity, which will be about educational, working, training and volunteering options that can be accessed without the qualification, is aimed at youths aged between 15 and 30 years old, who for whatever reason have not finished their obligatory secondary education and lack the qualification of ESO graduate.

The CIAJ advisor Gustavo García Silva will let those who are interested know about all the opportunities and options they still have available such as PCPI, access tests to Professional Training, Adult Schools, Workshop Schools, free testing, occupational training etc.

The activity, which is free, will be held in the offices of the CIAJ at Paseo de Juan Aparicio, 5, on Thursday June 13th at 6pm.


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