More lifeguards on Orihuela’s beaches


Scheurer 17jun13

Councillor gives details of the new lifeguard service contract

The summer season in Orihuela Costa officially started on Saturday when the lifeguard service began on the beaches. The company that provides the service, Ambuibérica, is the same as last year but Councillor for Beaches Martina Scheurer explained there have been considerable improvements to the contract. This season there will be a total of 43 people on duty watching over residents’ and tourists’ safety: 33 lifeguards, five in charge of the boats (specifically 3 captains and 2 lifeguards) and the rest with the ambulance stationed at Playa Flamenca.

Scheurer explained the lifeguard service contract is worth 650,000 euros and will be valid until the end of Easter 2015, but can be extended for two more years.

“It is a very important service and with this contract we have it assured for a few years,” said the councillor, who emphasised that the improvements include having extra lifeguards on several beaches. She indicated that there will be five lifeguards on Cala Bosque, La Glea and Barranco Rubio beaches while

The councilor also revealed that the summer season will be extended until September 25th, ten days longer than was specified in the conditions specified in the tender for the contract.

“The company has given us this improvement and it is very important because in September there is still good weather and people go to the beach,” she explained.

Ambuibérica was the only company to bid for the contract, while the Red Cross, which has historically provided the service in Orihuela, did not make an offer.

Another addition to the service is that the lifeguards will watch the coast from 10am until 8pm, when the conditions had only required them to do so from 10:30am until 6:30pm.

Martina Scheurer added that the council is also going to start painting and restoring the children’s play apparatus and replace the exercise apparatus that have become rusty on the beaches at Mil Palmeras, Barranco Rubio, Cala Capitán and Playa Flamenca.


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