Take a bin bag up the mountain


Orihuela town hall has launched a safety campaign that is also intended to conserve and keep natural areas clean

With summer on the doorstep and the danger of fires posed by heat and accumulation of rubbish, the Emergencies Department has set into motion a prevention and self-preservation campaign intended to clean the mountains and natural areas of the municipality as well as ensure the safety of those that go hiking along these routes, by advising them how to do so in a safe and prudent manner.

The mayor of Orihuela, Monserrate Guillén presented this initiative that the town hall started preparing after the complicated rescue of a hiker a few months ago by the Crusz de la Muela, the cross atop the mountain overlooking the city.

From Saturday, Civil Protection volunteers will begin handing out leaflets with safety advice for when climbing the mountain. Amongst the advice are such simple tips as checking the weather forecast before setting out on the route, wearing suitable clothing and keeping hydrated. At first the leaflets will be distributed at the main access points to the Cruz de la Muela, such as the ascent from Lo Pina, at Montepinar hermitage towards the mines, at the Casa del Guarda del Pinar de Bonanza and at the Pinar de Bonanza recreational area.

The other point of this campaign is the cleaning and conservation of natural areas. In the same leaflet there are instructions to prevent the dangers of fires on the mountain and the Civil Protection and Environment Department volunteers will also hand out bin bags so that those climbing can collect any rubbish they may find along their way.

“Keeping the sierra clean is very important, above all in summer, because any glass or metal can start a fire with serious consequences,” warned Guillén.

Environment councillor Manuel Gallud added that habitual hikers know and respect natural spaces but some ‘spontaneous’ day-trippers are ‘uncivil’ and this campaign is intended to make this sort of people more aware.

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