The PSOE report the loss of two auxiliary nurses at the Torrevieja old people’s home



Ángel Sáez is demanding the mayor make the necessary arrangements not to lose these two positions at a home that cares for 110 dependent people

The Torrevieja public old people’s home, which is run by the Regional Social Welfare Department is going to lose two of the 32 auxiliary nurses on their staff, who attend to 110 dependent people and of whom 24 are severely dependent.

This situation was reported on Wednesday by the councillor and spokesman for the Socialist Party in Torrevieja Town Hall, Ángel Sáez, who assured that the work at the aforementioned home only gets done thanks to the commitment of the workers, ‘from the caretaker to the director’. He also revealed to the press the difficulties that the staff have attending to dependent people who are spread over two floors with so few personnel.

The Socialist explained that the organisations of workers met the mayor on Wednesday to explain the delicate situation to him and the decline in quality of care that the patients would suffer if the plan goes ahead to move the two nurses from the Torrevieja centre to another in Alicante, aggravating the already serious staffing deficiencies that this centre is already suffering.

To conclude, he expressed his demand that the mayor ‘go wherever he has to in order to stop these jobs being lost and also sympathise with the personnel to study the real staffing needs of this centre to provide the minimum care that our elderly need’.

Mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón promptly answered the criticism by expressing his ‘incredulity and surprise’ at the declarations of Sáez, who he accused of ‘pretending to set himself up as the saviour of Torrevieja’s workers’ and demonstrating his ‘political incapability’ by trying to boycott the meeting with the workers from the home. He added that, ‘so Sáez doesn’t worry’, as mayor of Torrevieja he ‘will do everything possible, go and meet whoever necessary to resolve the existing problems in the Public Old People’s Home’.

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