Summer’s here, be careful!

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Experts advise to especially protect children, the chronically ill and the elderly to prevent ailments resulting from extreme heat

Summer is around the corner and even if the heat is not expected to arrive so soon, the Mastral Project (Proyecto Mastral) is warning that high temperatures will be felt in Torrevieja and in general around the Vega Baja from this week. But it is important to take into account some advice to prevent ailments caused by extreme heat, especially to protect children, the chronically ill and the elderly.

A front of hot air coming from North Africa will arrive in the Vega Baja over the next few days, which will notably increase the readings on the thermometer. According to information sent this week by the Mastral Project, this week it could reach 27˚C on the coast and exceed 30˚C inland. This increase in the temperature will be felt from Monday, but it will be Tuesday and Wednesday when it gets hottest.

There are also ultraviolet radiation warnings, which will reach mid to extreme levels midweek.

How to protect ourselves against the heat

Experts advise that extreme heat can have harmful effects on health, especially for the chronically ill, children and elderly people, so they recommend following a few guidelines to prevent ailments caused by the heat and to consult a doctor if you feel ill due to the high temperatures.

The first step to avoid heatstroke and dehydration is to protect yourself from the heat by not going out in the street during the hottest hours of the day, don’t strain yourself physically, drink at least two litres of water per day (even if you don’t feel thirsty), eat often and choose food that is easy to digest.

It is also recommended for chronically ill and elderly people who live alone to have someone close make contact twice a day to check there have been no accidents, shower or refresh yourself often with damp cloths, spend most of the day in a cool part of the house and close the blinds or curtains to keep rooms cool. If at home there are no areas that protect from the heat enough, it is advised to go somewhere that is air conditioned for a couple of hours a day, like the library or an old people’s centre etc. In case there is no one close, the experts recommend making the local social services aware of the situation.

If there are any symptoms, it is important to remember to telephone 112 so any necessary medical help can be sent.


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