The Summer Schools have created extra places due to public demand

Martínez 10jun13

There are places for children aged 0-3 in schools and another set of English for children aged 13-16 in the Palacio de Agua

Education councillor Rosa Martínez announced that the Orihuela Summer Schools have created extra places to meet the big public demand. Specifically, her department has decided to add more places in two age brackets. Firstly, infant schools for children aged 0-3 will be held during the month of July in the Orihuela Costa, Virgen de Monserrate and La Murada schools, at a price of 25 euros for 15 days and 50 euros for the whole month. The activities at the Villar Palasí, Fernando de Loaces and Miguel Hernández primary schools have also been kept at the same price.

The English School, which will be in Entrenaranjos for children aged 8-12, is also being extended with another group for teenagers aged 13-16 in the Palacio de Agua, where the sporting activity will be swimming. Its director, Jane Cronin said there was a lot of demand for these courses, which include theatrical activities, plastic arts and handicrafts, as well as fun activities in English with native teachers. This has forced them to add another 60 places (30 for each 15-day period in July). The price is still 80 euros per 15 days.

Rosa Martínez reminded that last year 700 pupils were registered in all the schools. Registration for the infant schools can be done from the 11th until the 21st of June at the Town Hall Education Department. Registration for primary school children finishes on June 14th, while for the English classes for ages 8-12 it finishes on June 20th and for pupils aged 13-16 is from the 10th until the 21st of this month.

On June 26th there will be a talk in La Lonja where all parents can resolve any doubts they may have. It will begin at 7pm for the Summer School parents and an hour later for the English Schools.

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