Gastronomic days with ‘premium’ menus

Jornadas gastronómicas

The ‘Torrevieja y el Mar’ (Torrevieja and the Sea) event will involve nine restaurants offering luxury menus for 50 euros

This gastronomic event will take place from June 25th-28th and July 1st-5th. It was presented by Councillor for Hostelry Luis María Pizana with representatives of the nine participating restaurants and the president of the Torrevieja Hostelry Businesspeoples’ Association.

 Over the course of the nine days, the restaurants will be offering special ‘Premium’ menus available at lunch and dinner time for a single price of 50 euros per person. The managers of the restaurants explained that they hope it will be a success because these menus will show off the best of Torrevieja’s gastronomy at a much lower price than usual.

The town hall and the Costa Blanca Tourism Board are supporting the event to give it a wider impact.

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