An unidentified dead horse was found on the river banks


The local Health Department reminded that it is obligatory to register horses

Last Friday night a dead horse was found in the groves along the River Segura in the Orihuela rural district of Campaneta, near Molins and San Bartolomé. After being checked that same day by the municipal vet, the body was removed on Saturday morning by the authorised company, GM Tratamientos Biotérmicos.

The horse was unidentified but was a chestnut mare weighing 280 kilos with a white star on its head and white boots. It was in good shape with a healthy coat but died giving birth, reported the vet. It was found lying on its side with its legs sticking out.

The Health Department reminded that it is obligatory to have these animals properly identified and registered. Last week an unidentified pony was found in the town centre tied up on a plot of public land, so it was taken to the local Animal Protection Centre


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